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Director of Adult Education

Job Number:
Job Type:
Job Category:
Managers - Others
Number of Positions:
Posting Date:
September 12, 2023
End of Posting:
October 16, 2023
$105,727.00 - $140,967.00
Northern Allowance:
$9,004 - $14,403
Retention Premium:
$5,500 - $10,000

I N T E R N A L   &   E X T E R N A L   P O S T I N G 
Priority shall be given to qualified Cree beneficiaries 



Under the responsibility of the Deputy Director General for Adult & Higher Learning, the position of the role of Director of Adult Education entails responsibility for all the programs and activities pertaining to the management of the adult education or vocational education services as well as overseeing the Sabtuan Regional Vocational Training Centre and other training centres of the school board.

The position includes, in particular, responsibility for all the programs and activities pertaining to programs of study and teaching methods, evaluation and measurement of student achievement as well as services to community businesses and organizations. The position consists in playing a key role in providing advice and expertise to the Director General and to all the administrators of the school board concerning adult education or vocational education.


Develop the objectives and strategies of the school board dealing with adult education or vocational education services for which the incumbent is responsible and, where applicable, determine the annual action plan.

Assume the responsibility for preparing, developing, implementing and applying programs of study, teaching means, methods and techniques and adopt the inherent evaluation and control measures.

Ensure the standards and procedures for the evaluation of student achievement are developed.

Participate in the distribution of teaching staff and other staff as well as programs of study and other services offered by the various centres of the school board

Contribute to the preparation of budgets and to the allocation of resources in centres.

Ensure the promotion of adult education and vocational education services, the development of the market as well as the preparation of proposals for the provision of services.

Develop and consolidate partnerships with the organizations concerned.

Oversee the activities pertaining to the admission and enrolment of students, see to the management and follow-up of the declarations of student enrolment and ensure that school marks are forwarded to the Ministry.

Ensure the promotion of programs and services offered by the school board as well as the preparation and dissemination of proposals for the provision of services.

Negotiate, where applicable, and conclude partnership agreements with, among others, Emploi-Québec, local development agencies and private enterprise.

Create and provide management and training tools for adult education and vocational education services in response to the needs of institutions.

Intervene, if necessary, in the institutions and administrative units of the school board in order to assess problem situations and to find appropriate solutions.

Participate in defining and developing the vision, organizational values, strategies, objectives and priorities.

Participate in developing and updating policies and By-laws and ensure that they are applied.

Collaborate with other staff members in preparing the staffing plan and allocating the budget.

Select or participate in selecting staff and ensure its supervision and evaluation.

Collaborate with the communities in the development of training programs specific to each community based on their identified needs.

Assume any other responsibility compatible with his or her function that may be assigned to him or her by the immediate superior.


Bachelor’s degree in Education or a relevant field of study;

Master's degree is an asset;

At least eight (8) years’ experience in a senior staff position;

A permanent teaching permit issued by the Minister of Education (Brevet);

Ability to work in two of the three languages (Cree, English, French) 

Must be willing to travel. 


Regular full-timeposition


As soon as possible

*The holder of the position may be entitled to certain benefits (vacation, statutory holidays, Northern allowance, housing and outings).

*Given the current salary regulations and guidelines at the Cree School Board, candidates from another Quebec School Board will be able to obtain a salary as per the scale above-mentioned. However, candidates that are not from the education sector are not eligible to a salary above the midpoint of the position's salary scale.